Our namesake is a fish in a mutually symbiotic relationship with a pistol shrimp. In the simplest terms, this means that the two are stronger together. The Goby fish and pistol shrimp complement each other’s strengths and neutralize each other’s limitations.

Goby Partners consists of two senior-level marketing executives with very different backgrounds. In collaboration, our skill sets and real-world expertise represent unparalleled depth and breadth. We’ve launched start-ups and spearheaded growth for global brands. The result: no matter what our clients throw at us, we can design a thoughtful, impactful solution.

Our clients are never passed off to junior associates because that’s not how we operate. We think every company deserves—and can afford—top-tier expertise, and that’s all we offer.

Experienced perspectives. Sound guidance. Intelligent strategies. Actionable roadmaps. Meticulous execution. This is Goby Partners.


Stephanie Rich, partner

Stephanie has hands-on expertise in bringing products and companies to market while building, cultivating and sustaining customer bases online and off. Prior to Goby, Stephanie served as the VP of Marketing at Particle, the leading development platform for the Internet of Things. She created and led Particle's Kickstarter campaigns that generated more than 1MM in revenue for the company, and also advised and assisted Particle clients on more than 20 successful crowdfunding campaigns. As employee #1 at Particle, she established the operational infrastructure for accounting, billing, distribution, logistics, advertising, and analytics. She has also mentored and advised numerous young companies and recently received the #GiveFirst Award as a mentor with Techstars + Target Retail. Stephanie graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Journalism, and the University of Cambridge with her MBA in Business and Management.

Jaylon Rosenblum, partner

Jaylon has over a decade of experience in retail and consumer goods building strategic plans that drive towards business objectives. In her most recent role before founding Goby Partners, she was a Director of Marketing at PepsiCo leading the innovation agenda for the Pepsi brand team. At PepsiCo, she held various roles on brand teams and customer marketing teams. While at Pepsi, Jaylon launched two product platforms, executed customer specific activation that yielded results that outpaced market trends and grew a brand community from 33K to over 1M followers. Prior to PepsiCo, Jaylon was a Buyer and Merchandise Planner at Bloomingdale's. Jaylon has an endless curiosity for understanding customer needs, which fuels her excitement about doing deep dive diagnostics on businesses and pulling those insights through to building strategies. Jaylon has a BA in Economics from Brown University and a MBA in Strategy and Marketing from NYU Stern School of Business.